[ An Invitation for Membership @ MiYaD ]

5779 - 2018/2019

"Your home should become a light that illuminates the entire street and community"

- The Rebbe


MiYaD Family


Your home and family are your nest, the center of your life, the hub from which all your daily experiences extend.

It's where you should feel most comfortable in the world.

Your family determines how you make your life decisions, they shape your attitudes, your awareness, your self-esteem - it makes you, YOU!

A healthy home life is a vital ingredient in the pursuit of a meaningful life.

[ Not Membership. Family! ]

This Time, It’s Your Time –
To our MiYaD attendees: we’re pleased you’ve been enjoying our programs, Mitzvah campaigns, prayer services, and classes.
But it would please us much more if you would officially join our MiYaD community!
YES! MiYaD is now starting a Membership program. It's called "MiYaD Family", because membership is exclusive and we are inclusive, like a family.
Only with your direct moral and financial support can our Shul, MiYaD, sustain its dynamic development: our future is in your hands!
Our MiYaD rates are affordable, tax-deductible and can be payable in monthly installments!
Now is the time to do the right thing by making MiYaD your own, and joining our growing family today!
Contact Rabbi or Aliza directly, to secure your Jewish home for 5779.

*No family is ever denied synagogue membership due to financial reasons. 
Membership is not compulsory for any of our programs.