New Year's Resolutions ~ "Turn a Profit"

Baruch Hashem

Now that the Holiday month is behind us, we ask ourselves the question, like one would ask after any undertaking: Did we turn a profit? By “profit” I don’t mean monetary profit, but rather MITZVAH PROFIT!

Each of us should ask ourselves, did the inspiration of the High Holidays and the joy of Sukkos and SimchasTorah inspire us to the point that our spirituality will “profit from the experience”. And the test is a simple one: If we walk away taking upon ourselves a MITZVAH RESOLUTION for the New Year, it was all worth it!

If you said YIZKOR, this takes on further importance. You know the slogan: Say it with Flowers… I say: Say it with Mitzvahs… Mitzvahs are the language of our loved ones in the “world of truth”, so making a Mitzvah resolution is the best way to say to them “I love you!”

Here are a few other MITZVAH opportunities I highly recommend:

- TORAH STUDY.  The great sage Rabbi Saadya Gaon stated "our nation is a nation by virtue of our Torah" To truly live as a Jew, it is imperative that we study Torah. It is amazing and sad that American Jews are highly educated in general knowledge and highly ignorant of their Torah. With the internet, it is so easy to study. In the comfort of your home, at your own pace and whichever topic tickles your fancy,WWW.CHABAD.ORG offers a comprehensive potpourri of Torah classes and lectures, whether in audio, video or writing. Chabad of Northeast Queens hosts classes given by the Rabbi. Every Monday night at 7:45 PM, you can explore the weekly Torah portion as well as classic mystical works. Shabbos afternoon after sundown, enjoy a roundtable discussion about Torah ideas and how they apply to our daily life. One on one learning is available as well on request. The Rabbi teaches regularly at the Bay Club andNorthshore Towers. If you are a resident, feel free to attend.

- SYNAGOGUE.  The Synagogue/ Shule is a warm and welcoming place where you can enjoy meditative Prayer and camaraderie with your community. Start with Shabbos morning service. Services begin at 9:45 AM and include the Rabbi's sermon plus a delicious Kiddush/lunch.

- 613 MITZVOS. you heard right! The Almighty blessed us with 613 Commandments which range from Shabbat observance and Kosher food to how much charity we must give the less fortunate. Take a moment, think about what you might practically take upon yourself for the New Year. G-d appreciates everything we do and nothing is considered insignificant. The Rabbi will be happy to discuss practical ideas with you. As a wise man once answered when asked which is the best exercise – 'the one that you will do’ – choose a Mitzvah that you see yourself actually doing, and go for it for the new year.

Wishing you the most wonderful and productive New Year!