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Challah Hugs

Every week women in our community do the Mitzvah of baking Challah with Aliza.

They volunteer and deliver it throughout our community to Jericho, Plainview, Syosset and beyond, bringing the joy of Shabbos and Kosher food to anyone who would like to get a home made, fresh Challah bread to their door.

So many families have been touched by this wonderful act of goodness and kindness already.

Please let Aliza know if you or anyone of your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers could use a Challah Hug!

Also, let us know if you would like to participate with our amazing women in this wonderful Mitzvah.

Contact: Aliza Krivisky or on Facebook here

Women's Circle Reservation

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RSVP today!

[ MiYaD Jewish Women's Events ]

It has become the place to be...

Every month the ladies of MiYaD get together and have an evening to remember.  Jewish women all over Long Island can't wait to see what Aliza has in store each month! She always has something hands-on, inspirational, creative or moving.

Be part of it!

Rosh Chodesh is the 'New Month' on the Jewish calendar, our Sages tell us that it is a special day for women.  

Always followed by refreshments and a good schmooze.

Join us for this month's Women's Circle and make your reservation today!