[ Baby, Bar Mitzvah & Beyond. ]

 educational programs for your child at any stage

As Jewish people, there is a perpetual need to learn, develop and grow, to cultivate the seeds and saplings of our present potential into the trees and fruits of future achievement. Our children are imparted with knowledge, aided in the honing of faculties and skills, guided in the development of a moral self that distinguishes between right and wrong and taught never lose sight of its responsibilities towards G-d and man.

Jewish education is a life-long endeavor.  It really starts before the child is even born, and it doesn't cease for the rest of their lives.  We focus on the child, because in the child the need is evident, the transition visible, and the results tangible. Only by examining how we educate our children can we know how to educate ourselves.  At MiYaD, we seek to transmit all that we have learned and achieved as a Jewish people to the next generation, ensuring our best investment - our children - will actualize their Jewish potential.

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