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Visit the Ohel for Prayers & Blessings

The Ohel is an auspicious place for prayers and blessings.
MiYaD is running a community trip to visit this very special and
revered site. 
The Rebbe himself would visit the Ohel Yosef Yitzchak often on behalf of the Jewish people who would seek his counsel and blessings.
The Ohel is visited by people of all backgrounds, from all over the world. It has become a center, a holy place where thousands come and continue to receive inspiration and blessing from the Rebbe.
We are fortunate the Ohel have it right in our own backyard in Queens!
RabbiChanan Krivisky will lead our group in a brief introduction to the customs and prayers said at the Ohel, to make your visit as meaningful as possible. We will all meet there at 7:30pm.
Transportation provided, but space is limited. 
Our van will leave Jericho at 6:30pm. Please make arrangements to reserve your seat in advance.
RSVP required.
All are welcome. FREE of charge.
Tzedakah to MiYaD is appreciated and part of the Mitzvah of visiting the Ohel.
Find out more about the Ohel: